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Hard disk suspension in an Antec SLK3000B

The main problem of the Antec SLK3000B case is it converts hard disk vibrations to noise, and this is the most annoying noise coming from my pc when the fans are set at the lowest speed. In the SLK3000B the hard disks lay in a cage with grommets that are supposed to dampen the vibrations of the 7200 and more rpm hard disks.
The trend spreading amongst silencing modders is to suspend the hard disks in the air to avoid contact between the case and the hard disks.


The idea is to suspend the hard disk using some sort of elastic bands or cords attached to the floppy disk cage. I tried to knot the cord to the fdd cage but it was a very uncomfortable work, so I decided to build a wood support that would hold the cord and would be supported by the fdd cage.
The wood support is made by two pieces of plywood sandwiching on one end a shorter piece of wood that would serve to make a joint between them. The three pieces are riveted together.
Then I fastened the cord on the hard disk using 4 screws and I mounted the hard disk and its plywood support as can be seen in the pictures. Finally, I tied the support to the fdd cage to prevent the support from sliding back.

hddsuspend 364.JPG
90.67 KB
hddsuspend 365.JPG
91.94 KB
hddsuspend 367.JPG
82.51 KB
hddsuspend 371.JPG
148.05 KB
hddsuspend 373.JPG
120.71 KB
hddsuspend 375.JPG
115.81 KB
hddsuspend 377.JPG
140.72 KB


I got silence! Before suspending the hard disks there was a noise whose source was not precisely identified: the 120 mm fans were barely audible when set at low speed but there was always a background noise that -now I know- was coming from hard disks vibrations.
Now the most audible noise comes from the psu fan and from the cpu fan, even when revving at 1100 rpm, but it's really quiet and it can be heard only getting the ears at 20 centimeters from the case. Next step, waiting for the Noctua NH-U12F cooler with its 120 mm SSO-bearing fan I have ordered a few days ago.
Speaking of temperatures, the hard disk on the bottom became too hot for my tastes: its temperature raised to 38 just a few minutes after power on, and reached 41 after a few hours of low hard disk activity. Probably this is due to lack of flowing air under its bottom.
Hence, I decided to suspend it too: I tied the disk with a cord to the 5"25 bays' sides and I put three 13x3 cm foam layers under each of its sides, leaving space for the air to flow under the disk between the two foam piles: foam serves as a sort of cushion in case the disk fell.
After suspending the second hard disk its temperature dropped from 38-41 to 29-31.

hddsuspend 393.JPG
122.46 KB
hddsuspend 395.JPG
113.52 KB
hddsuspend 396.JPG
111.20 KB


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