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How to broadcast audio with Icecast

You need to install Icecast and Winamp with the Shoutcast plugin for Winamp.
In this howto I explain:

How to set up Icecast and Shoutcast plugin to broadcast audio over a LAN or the internet

On the server

On the client

Open Winamp and play this location (Ctrl + L): http://YourIP:YourPort/stream
You can also see the status of your new station: http://YourIP:YourPort/status.xsl
And if you click on Administration and log in using the username and password you specified as admin-user and admin-password in icecast.xml you can see the clients and kick them off (but it's only a matter of time before the client will reconnect).
Icecast administration (20 KB)

How to reduce the audio delay between the server source and the client playback

Delay reduction is affected by the interval between the time Winamp starts serving audio to Icecast and the time the remote listening Winamp starts receiving audio from Icecast. So, this workaround is useless if the listener connects at any time to an always running broadcasting server; it could be used in some specific cases, for instance to make a voice chat in a LAN or when voice chat services cannot be used. This way, audio delay between two PC in my wireless LAN reduced to as low as 2 seconds.

How to use Icecast to replace Skype or MSN voice chat when using RDP

At the moment Remote Desktop Protocol doesn't support bi-directional audio and it's not possible to use Skype or MSN or other voice chat services because they require to transmit audio from the server to the RDP client and vice versa.
Obviously, this applies when it's not possible to install voice chat services on the client, for instance when the client is Windows 98 or Linux, otherwise the solution would be to use the chat software on the client bypassing RDP.

A workaround could be this, supposing to be able to install Winamp on the client:
This way, I can provide to the RDP server the audio coming from the microphone which is plugged in the RDP client, and the RDP server broadcasts it. My pal can listen to me connecting a media player (different from Winamp: read on) to my Icecast.
For me to hear my pal, he could broadcast audio himself starting Icecast and Winamp on his station and I could connect Winamp on my RDP server to my pal's Icecast and hear his audio through RDP from my RDP client speakers.
It's quite complex but it works.


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