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LAN messaging with XMPP protocol (jabber) to chat or to copy and paste links and texts in rdp sessions

Here is how I satisfied my need to have a LAN messaging program, not really to chat with other users on the same LAN, which I could do, but to copy and paste links or texts between a rdp client and a rdp server when copy and paste from/to clipboard does not work in rdp sessions, for instance with some Android rdp clients.

These are the programs I used:

Setup and configure Openfire

Openfire can be downloaded with the installer, which includes Java JRE, or as a zip file to extract in your preferred location (my choice), but you have to install Java JRE separately if you haven't already done it.

After installation, just run openfire.exe from the bin folder every time you need to chat, or if you prefer you can install the Openfire Windows service, running openfire-service /install from the bin folder (in a cmd prompt).

The first time you launch Openfire you have to provide a bunch of settings like domain (computer name), port, encryption, the type of database, the admin password. Openfire stores data in a database, the simplest solution is to choose the embedded db. By the way, the documentation is clear and short, so if you have some doubts take a look there.

When launched, a window and a systray icon will appear. Openfire administration console can be launched from the Openfire window or the Openfire system tray icon or pointing the browser at

Openfire start window (20 KB)  Openfire admin console (26 KB) 

These are the necessary things to setup in Openfire for our chat test:

Configure Miranda IM

Miranda IM supports AIM, GG, ICQ, IRC, Jabber, MSN and Yahoo!, and it has many many options, so I will show here only those needed for Jabber configuration.

Configure Xabber on an Android device

First, download and install Xabber from Google Play Store.


Everything is set, let's test if the chat is working.
Open the chatroom in Xabber tapping it, write a message and you'll see it in Miranda IM on your pc; answer from Miranda IM and you'll see the answer in Xabber:
Xabber Message to conference (27 KB)  MirandaIM receives message (14 KB)  Xabber receives message from MirandaIM (21 KB) 

In Openfire admin console you can check the open sessions (under Sessions menu) and a chatroom's logged in users (under Group Chat menu).
Openfire sessions (76 KB)


Ok, now you can chat on your LAN with your computer, phone or tablet.
If you're connected to a remote computer in your LAN from another computer or device and your rdp client doesn't support copy and paste between the local and remote sessions and you need to share a link between them, now you can do it using the chat. Additionally, if you send a link from your pc to your Android device, with Xabber you could just tap the link to open it. At the same way, if you send (or even share through Xabber) a link from your Android device to your pc, you can click it in Miranda IM to open it.

Talking about copy and paste, if you need a good keyboard for your Android device, with the Ctrl button always available for faster Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, I would recommend Hacker's Keyboard:
Hacker's Keyboard for Android (29 KB)


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