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Is Winamp gonna die?

"If you had a PC and you listened to MP3s in the late 90s, chances are you managed your playlists with Winamp." This is how TechCrunch begins the news of AOL going to shut down Winamp website, community, services and upgrades on December 20th, 2013. Now, a few hours into the 21st, it appears Winamp can still be downloaded on the official website, but we don't know for how long.

winamp (40k)

So what happens now? On the still alive forum there's a good summary made by user Victhor; I copy and paste it here before the forum gets shut down.


Lets try to clear up the confusion, because some people are not fully understanding what the banner really means

winamp shut down announcement (20k)

WINAMP 5.66 WILL KEEP RUNNING ON YOUR PC AS IT DID LAST YEARS (actually, BETTER, and it probably will for at least YEARS more).

It means that playing music, managing your library, updating tags (now even in mass form directly from the Playlist editor!) or managing your iPod / Android / Mp5 player can still be done like if nothing ever happened.


So, what remains (and can still be created / fixed):
+ Possible new fixes (in various forms)
+ Gracenote database recognition (with no lifetime guarantee)
+ Crash reporter in Winamp 5.66 (in case of emergency)
+ New Plugins and plugins updates (will be uploaded in other sites)
+ Skins (newer and updates if needed)
+ SDK updates (50% chances to stay)
+ Ability to install Winamp in newer machines

What is lost
- Online services (like Now playing, MoodAgent, etc). The good thing about it is that now people can use / create custom services to use with it, like Broser Pro or Reader already does in cPro skins.
- Nullsoft TV (Idem, if you have the links you're good, get some here)
- Forums (there is:, not official of course, but it nicely replicates the old one)
- skins (luckily, there's DeviantArt / 1001skins)
- plugins (later it will be uploaded somewhere)
- Winamp Android app (See this thread for more info / precautions)
- Winamp MAC application
- Support for Windows 8 (although community will do its best to help)
- Winamp Cloud (already dead, never got out of beta)

The good news (yes! there are!)
# People can now create Online services
# Winamp can still be improved by plugins. Tutorials are all over internet and there will still be some devs to ask to in case of emergency.
# There can still be "life" for Winamp after this, if enough Plugin developers join again, A LOT OF IMPROVEMENTS CAN STILL BE DONE. Now more than ever, the power to make Winamp even better is in Community's hands.
# DrO, the main dev of Winamp 5.666 (among other things..) will keep on working on his plugins, plus some others, so let's help them in what we can and don't forget that, as usual they only do it for the love to Winamp, no money was ever gained from this.. so keep that in mind when requesting / asking.
# Last but not least, personal thinking.. if AOL is not interested any more in Winamp, then now more than ever is more likely that someone could buy it and start to do things like it should`ve been done years ago.. or set it free to the community. Maybe this is not an end, maybe it is just changing air...


- SHOUTCast access and services should be fine for some time, apparently has been a lot of confussion lately, but nothing officially has been said about it going down. " and associated web services" does not include ShoutCast.
It woudn't make much sense for AOL to let this unclear as ShoutCast has an enormous user base, so if they didn't post some warning at is because there is no need.

This thread is just a hand-made summary of various comments & conclusions people are managing to get around.
NOTHING in this list is officially confirmed other than the upper red rectangle. As usual, AOL / Nullsoft never said anything publicly about it. To be 100% of something, wait until 21/12..

winamp icon (4k)

Personally, I stopped using Winamp some time ago, but I fully understand the worries of the users and the plugins and skins developers, who gave their time, passion and dedication for free. If Winamp lived so far, a lot of merit goes to them. Wasting or risking to waste such a capital would be a pity.
I think having everything in the same place, the software, the skins, the forum, the plugins, is crucial for Winamp to maintain its success, and to not become "history" as in "dead".
While we wait to see how this story will evolve, if you need the latest version (5.666), you should be able to find it somewhere on the internet, for instance on or

Good luck to Winamp community, and happy listening!


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