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Windows Remote Desktop (RDP)

Windows Remote Desktop allows to remotely get a Windows session on a Windows XP/2000/2003 machine on which it is enabled from any machine running the RDP client: the RDP client asks the name of the machine and the user and password and then the client opens a window showing the desktop of the server machine.
I'll show:

Comparison between UltraVNC, Windows Remote Desktop and Citrix ICA connection

After using for some months the fastest VNC program I ever found (the free and open source UltraVNC), after years using Citrix Metaframe (now called Presentation Server) through ICA client connections at work, and after using sometimes Windows Remote Desktop I think I can tell these are the main differences between the three solutions:

How to enable Windows Remote Desktop in Windows XP SP2

I followed these steps: I needed anything else, since I don't use Windows Firewall and I connect as an administrator user. I took this info from this site, where other settings are explained.

How to connect to a Windows Remote Desktop from Windows 98

Just install Remote Desktop connection client (it comes standard on more recent Windowses, such as XP), run it and tell it the name of the machine the Remote Desktop is enabled. To set more options there's the Options button ;-) and it's possible to save or load settings in files. Here RDP file options are explained.

Remote Desktop client options (29k) Remote Desktop client options (29k)
Remote Desktop client options (29k) Remote Desktop client options (21k)
Remote Desktop client options (25k)

How to secure RDP


[1] I experienced slow response with a low performance Wyse linux terminal at work, especially with a web application that was making a lot of refresh.


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