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Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake 32 bit on Windows XP with Qemu, Qemu networking, Linux applications in Windows using X server

With this little tutorial I will explain what I did to:
I downloaded and installed Qemu and kqemu for Windows: Then I followed the instructions of the Quick start: Ubuntu on Qemu (38k, link 125k)
During Ubuntu installation the network was automatically configured to use dhcp and it worked even if I don't have a dhcp server because qemu works as a dhcp server for its guest. In this way or configuring a fixed IP, Ubuntu can connect to Internet and to my Windows host.
Connecting from Windows host to Linux guest with redir option
The fastest and simplest solution to make Windows host connect to Linux guest is to start qemu with redirection options:
qemu.exe -L . -cdrom h:\os\ubuntu-6.06.1-alternate-i386.iso -hda h:\os\qemu\ubuntu32.img -m 256 -boot c -kernel-kqemu -redir tcp:9022::22
The -redir tcp:9022::22 means that if I have to open a ssh connection from Windows host to Ubuntu guest I must connect to localhost:9022: Qemu listen to port 9022 and redirect the tcp traffic to its guest on port 22.
Connecting from Windows host to Linux guest and from Linux guest to Windows host using tap driver
I followed this guide: To ping Linux guest from Windows host I should ping
To ping Windows host from Linux guest I should ping
Both pings were successful. Linux guest can't go to internet, so I configured single Linux programs (Firefox, Synaptic, etc.) to connect to the proxy server located at, where I'm running Proxomitron.
Linux guest applications displayed in Windows using X server
I installed Xming and PuTTY and followed this very good guide: I opened Xming from the Start Menu and opened the connection from PuTTY: a terminal window appeared, asked acceptance of ssh key, I answered yes, then I logged in on my Ubuntu guest. Typing gnome-terminal & after a few seconds the gnome-terminal window opened in Windows.
Ubuntu apps in Windows (47k, link 164k)
And some curious things could happen ...
Curious phenomena (20k, link 60k)


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