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Create a VPN to connect from an Android client to a home Windows XP server

If you want to connect to your home computer using rdp when you are not home and are connected to the internet, you have to open a port on your firewall; changing the standard rdp port on both your server and your firewall increases your security (or decreases your unsecurity); configuring a Virtual Private Network (VPN) increases your security even more, and you can close the rdp port on your firewall: in fact, when you connect your remote client to your vpn, your remote client comes inside your LAN so that you can remote access your server from inside the LAN.

Configure server to create a VPN

Here is how to configure a VPN on Windows XP to allow incoming VPN connections (but I think the steps on other Windows versions are quite the same).

Configure router firewall for VPN passthrough

I have a 3Com OfficeConnect ADSL Wireless 54 Mbps 11g Firewall Router which supports VPN passthrough only. Here's the configuration:

Configure VPN on Windows clients

On a Windows XP client: Now the new vpn connection appears amongst the other connections, under Virtual Private Network

Network connections, 5k

On a Windows 98 client (I know, I know, who's still using Windows 98?, but hey, if you use rdp even Win 98 is still good):

Configure VPN on Android devices

On Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) devices: Done, the Android device is now inside the home LAN ("Connesso" is in Italian and means "Connected"):

Connected, 14k.

and it shows up in the server's Network Connections:

On the server, 4k

So, the Android device can access all local resources, like a local web server:

accessing local web, 63k.

and the public IP is the same of the server:

android ip, 44k   server ip, 62k

Note: Mobile operators may have some limitations on some ports and block VPN connections. For instance, in Italy for VPN connections to work with TIM operator, you have to use as APN (Settings, More, Mobile networks, Access point names) instead of, which doesn't allow VPN connections.


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